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Here we help entrepreneurs and companies in the ultra-luxury hospitality channel to show their great worth to the world.




Outcome: Show, all over the world, YOUR information, knowledge and passion

Each person and each business has a story to share. The latest, the daily, the exclusive and the I-can't-believe. I write it all to sell it all!

Writing books and copy (content) for information and communication technologies (ICT) in a global software development environment, I study, ask, speak, write, sell, solve, digitize and display around the world YOUR information, knowledge and passion See rates

I make you look Good!

Discover the Services:

  • Linguistic inquiries: style corrections, proofreading, ...
  • Transcreation: adapting a message from one language to another while maintaining its content, tone and context; capturing the essence of the original message to awaken the same emotions as it does in the original language. Translations in Spanish, German, English and French.
  • Take initiatives in new projects and coordinate communication strategies.
  • Informative writing: review, writing and optimization of web content, webgardening, writing newsletters, opinion articles and as a guest blogger (guest posting).
    Writing letters, emails, company news, press, resumee and profiles in social media.
    Preparation of interviews, speeches, presentations, transcription of multilingual dialogues or in a single language.
    Editing and proofreading services for academics, authors, companies. Books, memoirs, poetry, manuals, speeches, biographies, novels ...
  • Copywriting: selling through words. Content marketing, copywriting, and converting texts.
  • Simultaneous translation.
  • Editing and layout of books of any gender.
  • Biographies, life stories and success stories. Creation, writing and publication of physical or digital books (eBooks).

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Hello, dear reader. I am an optimist, and I have an experience-based approach. «Can the blind lead the blind? Luke 6, 36-42.» Grateful for the five⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ recommendations , let's also promote your brand and sell your business through refined words. I make you look Good! «


Magdalena Tecles, founder of +Ideal, is an optimist. This prolific nonfiction author, freelance writer, and Spanish speaker is internationally known for WRITING books about experiences of value and success -including her own- after overcoming personal tragedies. She helps people and companies find their own worth to improve their lives. All her books available in Spanish and English on Amazon.


Inclusive and friendly communication managing ultraluxury hospitality brands. Communication and translation available in ✏ Spanish | English | German | French 💡 for Biographies, Blogging, Press Releases, Web Content, UX, Books, Scripts ...

Custom Language Solutions since 2005.

"Writing is my life !, and I have an experience-based approach."

♥ the talent that Life gave me ♥

Multilingual Hospitality Communication Manager

Above all, I am passionate about the art of the written expression, and my work with inclusive and friendly communication managing ultraluxury hospitality brands allows me to face new challenges every day, discover new sectors, and, above all, help my clients communicate better. See references

Daughter of a cosmopolitan marriage, I grew up between two cultures, the German and the Spanish, always surrounded by books. I am passionate about literature, languages, multimedia communication, humanities, and positive psychology. I am also a confessed enthusiast of dictionaries, spelling, aphorisms, and multicultural research.

Escritorio lleno de objetos de contabilidad

Linguistic Advisor

Globally, I have worked writing, proofreading and translating for novels, reports, newsletters, advertising, press and digital content since 2005.

I am skilled using brand communication platforms and I have great talent to express ideas in a positive way and communicate efficiently with others. Likewise, I am open to travel for training, conferences, and special events. You can see more details about my literary services and more customer references on my profile at LinkedIn (visible only for LinkedIn members).


Author of +20 books

My legacy: inspiring and uplifting biographies, stories about overcoming and resilience, and personal development books available in eBook and print format on Amazon.



What is your personal purpose? Your goal or improvement?

Together, we will transform your biography into a successful reality and printed in your own physical book. See outcome


Know that I write for others, I write for my family and I write for myself. Thus, my mission is to save you time, effort and money to obtain a quality text. Share your passion! View profile on LinkedIn (only visible for members): Magdalena T.

Inspire+. Communicate+. Sell+.

Since then, I have worked writing and speaking to clients in many industries. I still advise organizations and people about the benefits of unleashing their passion, their talent. From creative entrepreneurs, pedagogues at universities, abused women and psychologists to corporations such as Colleges, Institutes for Women, and Centers for the Social Rehabilitation of Sentenced Persons, from Madrid to Hawaii, simultaneously, I am interested in everything and everyone, and share my ideas about the power of #Pasion.

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