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We are friends, family, and partners. The result of this is a multifaceted and multi-cultural team of human-potential professionals. From BeautyLife Coaches, Professional Climbers, Psychologists, and Writers, most of them multilingual, we harness pioneering Vision and Intuition to positively serve others in areas that extend beyond the routine.

We deliver positive customized solutions. We have done it already in 11 countries in America, 12 countries in Europe, 5 countries in Asia and New Zealand, we have books and an online store.


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We help change-makers like YOU to be + active and + effective with less, in order to create a positive social change.

Our mision is to accompany you to improve your interior well-being, reinforce teamwork, rewarding the outdoors, managing solutions, sustainable beautification, and improve your digital communication.

Not sure how we can help you? Relax.

+Ideal is a safe and empowering space to follow your dreams and beautify your goals



Dear reader, thank you very much for wanting to bring out your essence. We can't wait to empower you to make your dreams and goals come true! We really want to meet you, favor each other, and build a relationship +Ideal.

Let's meet:

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Literary Critic Francisco García Tortosa

Francisco is a professor at the University of Salamanca, literary critic, and Spanish translator. In Spain, García Tortosa is considered one of the greatest experts on the figure and work of the Irish writer James Joyce, whose books he has translated and on which he has done numerous works. (You like the English version of our website?) Custom translated solutions! See Wikipedia

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Multilingual Writer Magdalena Tecles

Magdalena has positive writing in her blood. She lives it intensely. She has published two handfuls of motivational books about resilience starting with the harsh autobiographical saga "La Malquerida. She has also co-authored inspiring poetry and travel books with her colleagues, including recently published Covid-19´s "Resilience during the Pandemic: 7 Strategies to Transform the Confinement into Learning. She does not lack work, although we believe that Magdalena does not work; she enjoys doing what she likes helping others, and also puts in her affection and heart. Custom written solutions! See LinkedIn

Professional Climber Jaume Garcia

Do you know spiderman? That is our Jaume. From work at "soaring" heights and detailed photographs (all web pics are his) to climbing training in remote places, forget about routine and stress. Balance and goal achievement go hand in hand with his bespoke vertical solutions! See pictures

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BeautyLife Consultant Lydia Tecles

Lydia's personal style, vision, and products make her signature instantly recognizable and Lydia a design phenomenon. She puts your life to order at your home with distinguished plans and has already achieved it in 23 countries. Even this website looks cleaner since she came into the team. Lovely tailored solutions! See LinkedIn

Photographer César Sánchez

The Vitiligio Project is just beginning, but César has been with Panoramica Lab for many years, accompanying numerous artists on the media tour. As a photographer he always pays tribute to the image and is committed to cultural diversity and inclusion. Tailored shooting solutions! See Instagram

Photographer and Poet José Tecles

José Tecles is a Spanish poet and photographer who is dedicated to causing an impact through his surrealist gaze, where the landscape of consciousness expands. He mainly focuses on poetically sharing the truth spit out along the paths of manhood and love. He has received many awards and honors, including the most recent Special Award at the 11th Guerreros Photo Contest 2019. See Blog

Behind the scenes, fantastic freelancers add to the team. They elaborate on the artistic testimony, collect and count the group's resources for their optimal use and correct the tests and styles.

We are happy to help you achieve your goals and improve your life..


  • - the love in our home
  • - the dignity of the individual
  • - order, utility and minimalism
  • - responsible interdependence
  • - peaceful cooperation
  • - developing talents and showing interest in the talents of others
  • - the commitment to carefully personalized services
  • - the enhancement of relationships
  • - the achievement of positive results 
  • - and always going pro-nature

Without participation there is no commitment. Let's be proactive.


We take this opportunity to wish you prosperity in your career and passion. Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

A sunny hug,

the team of +Ideal

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