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Outcome: have a full, healthy and beautiful life.

Behaviors, habits, thinking or not thinking, to be passive or active and the fear of the new causes imbalances. Therefore, we create with you a new routine in your life, at home, in your closet, in your bathroom, in your fridge ...

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Balance between mind, spirit, body and soul. We will learn to create simple habits, to feel good about yourself, both at home and in any environment. Fresh and seasonal tailored ideas. See rates

I'm about to fabulouse you. You dare?


"Hello! I am Lydia, a natural fashionista, entrepreneur, master barber, travel and chocolate addict, and beauty enthusiast. I tidy up your life at home. My illustrative word is #Gaia. In my opinion, there is no place for rigidity in nature. Constant evolution is what inspires. You dare?"

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Lydia Tecles, founder of +Ideal, is a Spanish-German beautylife coach who BEAUTIFY distinguished homes, wardrobes, weddings and multifaceted events, as well as expansive plans for lifestyle designs. With the demonstration of provocative concepts and expressive narratives signed by her extensive work, Lydia is recognized internationally with distinctive beauty awards and numerous publications.

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She has helped +10,000 people in +12 countries during her 4-year tour, from the United States to Ecuador, passing through all the central countries. It was not easy, but that has given her a vision and knowledge of the magnanimous human being impossible to acquire in school. Great merit!

A stimulating sensory experience and multi-layered is the core of Lydia's design approach. Through an exploration of materiality, colour, the forms and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, the intimacy of each client and the organic, the graphic and the instinctive, Lydia embellishes a myriad of experiences in every space and person. See profil on LinkedIn (only visible for members).

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“I firmly believe that honoring the history, location and the deep desires of each client is imperative to push the limits and challenge the rules. Feel free to contact me for radio interviews, podcasts, television, guest blog posts, collaborations, sponsorships, gratitude events and more. I really want to meet you, favor each other and build a relationship "


Are you ready to fabulose your life and the one of your love ones?

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We beautify a large number of experiences in each space and person. We beautify distinguished homes, closets, weddings and multifaceted events completely tailored. See services

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