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Climbing Time • Motivation «Alone on the Wall»

Have you needed a new challenge for a long time, something that motivates you to fight with yourself and that you have never tried before?


Outcome: Show how much progress can be made

Traveling gives you the opportunity to climb at different places and blocks. Each area is different, each culture is new, each rock different ... All these new styles make you evolve as a climber and as a person.

Sutatausa, Colombia

Mobility of joints, flexibility, balance and friends forever. All this means climbing, and we want to keep discovering, keep developing, keep learning. When was the last time you let yourself be touched without getting laid? See rates

The promised land is the state of mind. You dare?


"Hello! I am Jaume. I feel very lucky to be able to do what I like the most: find, clean and climb new blocks wherever I am. I open lines one morning in Nosos (USA), another day I climb an edge of a rock in Matagalpa (Nicaragua) or you find me suspended on the roof of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin (Germany) placing new wifi antennas… Surely nobody is encouraged to follow me. You would?"


Jaume Garcia, founder of +Ideal and from the boulder center La Farinera, is a multilingual climber that TAKES you by the hand to a new sector in life. In the morning he will make you enjoy a fun and intense bouldering dawn. In the afternoon you will bring out your skills in the epicenter of mother earth with unbeatable views. You gather your forces! In the deserts, without distractions, you will return with him in the afternoon to past times, you will look for water and make fire ADMIRING the photographs he took of you. Do you love nature?

"Together we will face new challenges and together we will continue to build a world where animals and nature are respected and protected."



With the peaceful demonstration of a Zen master and expressive detail filmed or photographed from every angle (thanks to his climbing skills), Jaume is a renowned personal coach and has climbed internationally from India to the US, passing through all Central American countries to Argentina. With his wife, he opened Nicaragua's first bouldering area and has been featured in numerous publications.

Great shared happiness

Personally, Jaume had never considered starting climbing: it was as a result of meeting a friend who practiced it and he told him about its benefits. Then he decided to try it in 2005. And this is what he gives back to the community today!


«There is no more powerful way to be grateful for your talents, or increase them, than to share them with joy, enthusiasm, and energy.


The important thing today is to explore; is to spend time discovering new places, new stones, expand the sectors already developed and, that way, collaborate with the climbing community. In places like Guatemala, children play in the street between cars because they don't know there is a natural park right behind them until you show it to them. If no one did that job, who would have discovered this exciting sport? Or, who could climb new boulders every weekend?

Teaching with care, patience, and love

«Climbing is my life. Without a doubt, when I feel best is when I am climbing; be it in the mountains or on the beach, but always surrounded by stones and I feel very fortunate to be able to share it with my girls, who I love so much, and with all the new friends who join along the way. Do you also have an obsession?«

Head over to his Vimeo channel:

» Above all, it is the well-being of our team and clients that we always take proactively into account. We are to serve.

Feel free to contact me for interviews radio, podcast, television, guest blog posts, collaborations, sponsorships, tours and more. I really want to meet you, favor each other and build a relationship+Ideal .

Health and safety for you and yours. «
Baja California, Mexico

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