"I'm about to fabulouse you". So Lydia, the BeautyLife Coach of➕Ideal, with which I came across in Quito. And you will never believe it: she got it! Super happy about her skills and abilities. Thank you."

María Esteve Solera, Chief Marketing

"There are subtle and explosive talents that multiply creativity. Magdalena Tecles, you champion this unique breed. You bring forth truthful creatures of proposals, projects, and ideas. You provoke surprising reactions with the design of your words that brighten all the intentions and expectations. You have the Gift. That magic wand that guarantees an A. No wonder you are so in demand, dear Magdalena. I hug you."

➕ Miriam Díaz-Aroca, Actress

La Paz Comienza Conmigo

"In the team of➕Ideal are excellent multilingual communicators. With all their languages, their optimism, and their desire to travel the world, it is the ideal team for your company. All of them have a versatile profile, are very responsible, and motivate anyone who comes across them. "

➕ Joaquín Muñoz, Entrepreneur

«The course with Jaume was a fun and interesting experience. And I loved the photos! Now I feel more confident when it comes to renting equipment and going climbing. Consistency and motivation always achieve their goals… Congratulations, colleagues. »

➕ José Antonio Garcia, Handyman