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«An idea: a hotel company that sells on the Internet can publish proposals for spring retreats. Another idea: going back to the old profession of a scribe,a person wants to leave his/her memories written.

How can we help you? What we do is to communicate your things.»

What’s your process?

  • I’ll send a brief for you to fill-in that asks about the goal, audience, and topic you want to talk about.
  • Once received, I’ll send a contract for you to sign and a 50% deposit invoice.
  • Once the contract is signed and deposit paid, I’ll deliver an outline. This includes everything I plan to include in the draft, and makes sure we’re on the same page before I start writing. You can add any notes for me to consider when writing the draft.
  • I’ll complete the draft within 10 business days. I’ll send the invoice for the remaining 50% with the draft. That’s due within 15 days.
  • You submit any edits needed within 5 business days, and I’ll make them.

How much do you charge?

We all wanna know how much we’re spending. Use the table below to see my rates for each type of content. But, please bear in mind that these may change depending on the topic, length, or complexity of your content. Use them as a guideline, not concrete.

Content refresh

Taking your old content and refreshing it to bring traffic back to where it was before–or better.

Prices start at: 250 $ / post

How do you work?

Some clients send me the exact content they want to refresh.

Others ask me to dig through their site and make a list of priorities; pages which are steadily declining in organic traffic. I’ve got access to tools like Ahrefs and Revive to make it easier, but you can give me access to your Google Analytics if you’d prefer.

Truth is: it’s totally up to you.

  • Strategic advice on which posts to prioritize with a refresh
  • Keyword research + SEO optimization
  • Writing : blog posts
  • Spell checker, morphology, grammar revision, and optimization 
  • Advertising texts 
  • Articles as invited blogger 
  • Unique, expert quotes included
  • Internal links to/from the refreshed piece
  • One revision included

Social media management

Restart or refresh

Base price 600 $ / month. Contact us and we will offer you a customized quote. 

How do you work?

  • Personalized strategy: +30 hours with each client to know their wishes and needs
  • Creation and optimization of social profiles *
  • Profile management
  • Dynamization (10 hrs week)
  • Weekly post ssmm (daily)
  • Continuous SMO positioning
  • Networking with professionals from the marketing and photography department (5 hrs a week)
  • Management of contests and raffles, unlimited promotions *
  • Social media monitoring
  • Continuous consulting
  • Managing web content
  • Writing articles (includes 2 monthly posts of 1000 characters)
  • Post and articles translation
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly post with statistics and recommendations

Minimum stay of 3 months.

* development of ssmm according to defined strategy.

+Ideal eBooks and whitepapers

A deep dive into a specific topic. Most often used as lead magnets.

It helps you build authority with your customers, while gaining their trust and making it easy for you to convert them into customers.

Prices start at: 450 $

How do you work?

  • Strategic advice on what to prioritize
  • Custom quote given after target word count received
  • A preliminary draft. (Writing and editing a 250 to 300 page book requires an average of 400 to 450 hours of work.)
  • Spell checker, morphology, grammar revision, and optimization 
  • Layout of the book's interior del libro
  • Aesthetics and exterior (portada, lomo y contraportada)
  • Conversion to e-book 
  • Writing: synopsisreview , authors profile, content index and press release press release 
  • Unique, expert quotes included
  • One revision included

For the e-book's layout and complete printed books of more than 25,000 words, a discount of 12% is applied to the rate.

Long-form content creation

Do you need long-form publications for your website or catalog that rank in searches? I can help with that.

Prices start at: 350 $ / post

How do you work?

  • Strategic advice on which categories and subcategories to prioritize
  • Custom quote given after target word count received
  • Keyword research + SEO optimization
  • Writing of web articles, press articles, newsletters, manuals and guides, tutorials, newsletters, interviews, transcripts, speeches, business letters, curriculum vitae, etc ... previously agreed with the client
  • An outline pre-draft
  • Unique, expert quotes included
  • All research (including statistics and research reports)
  • One revision included

Biographies, Memoirs, Life Stories and Success Stories:

Your autobiographical +Ideal package

Unleash your memorable story and you will inspire someone!

  • Written by biography and ghostwriting professionals.
  • A personal copyist that captures your story as told by yourself.
  • 10 softcover printed copies delivered directly to your home address.
  • Super easy and hassle free process.
  • Get your personalized book written in just 60 days!

Standard rate → 40 $ / hour.

The discounted price for his 300-page autobiographical book is $ 35 / page. Total: $ 10,500

In-person, the extra expenses will be paid by the client upon agreement.

*** These prices are indicative. Confidentiality is the ABC of this type of projects and it starts here. Leaving a lasting legacy is an act of love, enthusiasm, and performance, to which we adapt with each client confidentially. *** Request a free quote

+Ideal Translation

  • German-Spanish → 0.07 $ / word
  • French-Spanish → 0.07 $ / word
  • English-Spanish → 0.07 $ / word
  • Spanish-German → 0.09 $ / word
  • Spanish-French → 0.09 $ / word
  • Spanish-English → 0.09 $ / word

Always in collaboration with a native translator.

Do you charge VAT?

It depends where your company is registered:

🇬🇧 UK: Yes
🇪🇺 EU: Yes, although I can zero-rate the VAT on European invoices if you give me a VAT number to verify
🇺🇸 Outside the UK/EU: No

If I do need to charge VAT on your invoice, you’ll see an additional 20% on the final sum to pay.

How can I pay?

On site, the extra expenses are carried out by the client by prior agreement. The indicated rates do not include VAT and payment are made via bank transfer or PayPal.

*** These prices are indicative. Confidentiality is the ABC of this type of projects and it starts here. Improving the quality of life is an act of love, enthusiasm and performance, to which we adapt ourselves to each client confidentially. We can also make packages. *** Request a free quote

Send a description of the job you need by filling in the contact form below specifying (within your possibilities):

  1. What services do you need?
  2. How do you need it?
  3. When do you need it?

We will respond to you with the budget, the conditions, and the delivery date. Meeting your goals is our ABC; therefore we will keep you up to date at all times.

If you accept the budget in print, an email and 50% of the total payment will confirm it.

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